Mike’s Opinion on Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump as US president in 2016 horrified and excited many people in equal measure. Mike Smith is among those who welcomed his election with a lot of enthusiasm. He may not like many aspects of Trump’s personality, but he likes what he represents. Moreover, most of his policy stances are pretty much his own. Here is a look at Mikes opinion on Donald Trump and his policies.

Trump as the anti-establishment president

Trump may be the head of the Republican party but he is very much his own man. One of his core messages as a candidate was to ‘drain the swamp’ in the nation’s capital. Like Trump, Mike believes that differences between Republicans and Democrats are superficial and that politicians on both sides of the political divide together with mainstream media, lobbyists, and top business executives operate like a corrupt cartel. Trump, Mike believes, has the will and the strength to break this cartel and make the opinion of average citizens count.
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Israel and the Middle East

Mike Smith has very strong pro-Israel views. He believes in Greater Israel, a strictly Jewish state comprising of today’s Israel, West Bank and Gaza with the whole of Jerusalem as its capital. Trump does not talk of Greater Israel but his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital exhilarated Mike. Previous presidents had made similar promise but Trump had delivered on his. Then there is Trump’s staunch anti-Iranian stance. Mike has a pathological hatred of Iran and its political system. He wholeheartedly believes that Iran is a menace not just to Israel but to the entire world. It is, therefore, not surprising that he welcomed Trump’s withdrawal of the US from Iranian nuclear deal and reimposition of punitive sanctions on the Islamic Republic.


Immigration is one area Mike is passionate about. He believes that immigrants are contributing to insecurity in America. He also believes that they are taking jobs that would have been done by Americans. These views also happen to be Trump’s views. It is, therefore, no wonder that he supports Trump’s quest to build a wall along the US-Mexican border. Such a wall, Mike believes, will help keep illegal immigrants from setting foot in the US.

Trade policies

Trump’s protectionist trade policies don’t appeal to Mike. He is a strong advocate of free trade. In fact, he believes that it is because of free trade that America has achieved the level of economic prosperity that it enjoys today. According to him, Trump’s tariffs against some goods from the European Union, Canada, and China harm the American economy. Not only are the tariffs a form of tax on Americans, they also make American producers less competitive. He is particularly alarmed by Trump’s obsession with America’s trade deficit with China. Unlike Trump, he doesn’t view the deficit as a bad thing, not least because China uses most of the money it gets from the US to buy American bonds.
Looking at Mike’s views on Donald Trump, it is clear that he is a typical Trump supporter. He likes his guts and most of his policies. Above all, he likes the fact that Trump does what he says he will do. For Mike, this is a breath of fresh air.

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